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Quality Control and Safety

At Superior Asphalt, we take safety and quality control seriously. We’re committed to educating and training our workforce to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions. We’re also committed to providing the highest quality workmanship possible in the safest environment, both at our asphalt production facility and on the jobsite.

Quality Control: maintaining our mission and our name—Superior.

Superior Asphalt’s core strength is summed up in three words: quality, quality, and quality. Superior Asphalt’s onsite quality control laboratory is staffed by a Construction Materials Engineering Council (CMEC) certified asphalt mix designer with quality control manager, plant level 1, and plant level 2 certifications as well.

These certifications ensure that our product and processes are performed in accordance with strict quality standards and that our personnel maintain a high level of knowledge in hot mix bituminous paving mixtures, core sampling, density measurements, gyratory samplings, ignition methods, mechanical analysis, and more.

Our plant level 2 certification ensures knowledge and testing of FDOT specification requirements to produce a Superpave mixture meeting stringent design criteria and containing proper mix production elements.

OSHA Compliance & Jobsite Safety

​Superior Asphalt is committed to facility and jobsite safety as well as professional development for our employees.  Our  OSHA-certified safety officer conducts frequent “Tool Box Talks” to properly train and re-train our employees. The safety committee conducts ongoing hazards assessments and ensures continued jobsite safety and OSHA compliance.

Our crew members wear appropriate personal protective equipment and are well-versed in safety regulations and commonsense approaches to getting the job done without accidents. As a drug-free workplace, our workforce has agreed to random drug testing as a condition of employment.

Superior Asphalt is licensed and insured to maximum capacities. Each job is bonded for the value of the job.
Lab is CMEC Certified & FDOT approved. Quality control is staffed by CTQP qualified personnel.
CTQP – is the Florida Department of Transportation’s construction training qualification program.